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    Semi-Micro, Micro, Ultra-Micro balance

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    • Most accurate equipment available.
    • Capacity: 1g-300g.
    • Readability: 0.01mg/10µg, 0.001mg/1µg, 0.0001mg/0.1µg.
    • Weigh smallest samples at the highest resolution.


    Semi, Micro and Ultra balances are the most accurate weighing equipment available. They are designed to weigh the smallest samples at the highest resolutions. Typical capacities from 1g to 300g by resolutions of 5 to 7 places (0.01mg/10µg, 0.001mg/1µg, 0.0001mg/0.1µg). We represent Sartorius, AND, Ohaus, Mettler and a few others, we can provide any whistles and bells you want as well as meet any application you might need.


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