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    Precision Balances

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    • The most durable balance.
    • Top-loader, low, or tall draft chamber.
    • Capacity: 100g-32,000g.
    • Readability: 0.001g, 0.01g, 0.1g, 1g.
    • Many features & applications to choose from.


    Precision Balances are the most durable balances and can be top-loader style or with low or tall draft chamber. Typical capacities from 100g to 32000g by 3 decimal places or less (1mg/0.001g, 10mg/0.01g, 100mg/0.1g, 1000mg/1g). Common features to choose from are: USP Chapter 41, Internal Cal and ISO Cal, BlueTooth, USB outputs, GMP/GLP Printout, Configured Printout, Below Pan weighing, APC Advanced Pharma Compliance, Auto Leveling, plus many more. Common Applications are: Weighing, Density, Percentage, Check weighing, Peak Hold, Counting, Animal/Unstable Conditions, Mixing, Components, Statistics, Conversions


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