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    Physician Scales

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    • Built with long-lasting, sturdy materials for accurate measurements.
    • Electronic medical records weighing technology.
    • Measure weight, height, and BMI.
    • Meets EMR and EHR requirements.


    We offer several manufactures of Physician scales. Detecto’s industry-leading physician scales are used every day in the medical profession by doctors and nurses around the world. Doctor scales measure factors like weight, height, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Each scale is built from sturdy materials that will provide years of accurate weighing. Detecto scales outfitted with MedVue indicators and 750 indicators also include electronic medical records weighing technology. Electronic patient scales transmit data directly to a printer, PC, or network, reducing the chance of entry errors and maintaining compliance with EMR and EHR requirements. Additionally, MedVue-enabled scales include an optional Wi-Fi feature. Detecto’s EMR scales and physician scales are available in waist-high and eye-level models with digital LCD displays or mechanical weigh beam options for convenient, reliable readings.


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