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    Infant Scales

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    • Secure baby scale trays & seats.
    • Easy-to-clean and portable.
    • Weight-lock keys provide convenient, accurate measurements.
    • Wide range of digital and mechanical scales.


    We offer several manufactures of infant scales. Detecto’s pediatric scales are designed with active infants in mind, equipped with secure baby scale trays or seats that are easy to clean. Filtering features and weight lock keys provide accurate, convenient readings for physicians and nurses working with newborns and moving infants. Each Detecto infant scale is built from high-quality materials that provide stability and support during the weighing process. Detecto offers a wide range of digital and mechanical baby scales to suit the needs of all healthcare professionals, including baby scales that are portable and appropriate for use in various conditions. EMR transmission is available through select models of electronic baby scales. Choose Detecto pediatric scales for dependability, accuracy, and stability.


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