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    Food Scales

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    • Food scales designed for regular use.
    • Reliable scales offer a wide variety of features in a compact machine.
    • Convenient, easy-to-use, food safe scales.
    • Legal for trade in commercial weighing applications.


    We have several good food scale manufactures to choose from to meet any application and price point. Our food scales are designed for regular use in Kitchen prep areas, cafeterias, delis, bakeries, pizza parlors, and restaurants, our reliable food portion scales offer a wide variety of features in a single, compact machine. Select deli scale models conveniently transition between measurement units, and every restaurant scale is equipped with an easy-to-read display screen. Our food prep scales are available in varying sizes and capacities to suit the needs of any kitchen, including those with little counter space. We have many that are legal-for-trade in commercial weighing applications. Any user who needs a convenient, easy-to-use, food-safe kitchen scale will be satisfied with one of our reliable foodservice scales.


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