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    Floor Scales

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    • The standard floor scale is 4’x4’ and 5,000lb x 1lb.
    • Scales also come in 3’x3’, 5’x5’, and up to 10’x10’.
    • A 15’ cable connects the scale to the digital indicator which can be mounted a variety of places.
    • A variety of feature are available to customize your floor scale.


    Floor scales are designed to weigh pallets and can be combined with ramps to load with fork lift, pallet jacks and hand trucks. A standard floor scale is 4’x 4’, 5000lb x 1lb, but you can get them in 3’x 3’, 5’x 5’ and other sizes up to 10’x 10’. Typically, there is 15’ of cable between the scale and the digital indicator that displays the weight. The digital can be mounted on a wall, desk mount or a 36” floor stand. We can add ramps, pit frames to mount scale into the floor, crash guards, back stops, and bolt down kits as well as portability kits.


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