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    Cast Iron Weights

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    • Adjustable cavity for sealing.
    • Capacity: 500g and 1lb up to 50kg and 100lb.
    • Grip handle and heavy capacity weights are available.
    • Individual, slotted interlocking, and counterpoise weights/hangers options.


    Cast iron weights are painted weights with adjusting cavity for sealing. Weight capacities of 500g and 1lb up to 50kg and 100lb meet NIST Handbook 105-1 and Handbook 44 specifications. The classes are as follows: NIST Class F, ASTM Class 6 and 7, and OIML Class M1 and M2. Grip-handle and heavy capacity weights are available for Class F, 7 and M1, as individual, slotted interlocking, and counterpoise weights and hangers.


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