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    Bench Scales

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    • Available in all capacities.
    • Variety of platform sizes (custom sizes available).
    • Simple stands or special feature options.
    • Stainless steel wash down or mild steel general purpose.


    We have bench scales in all capacities and designs: like all stainless steel wash down, mild steel general purpose, with and without columns.
    Common platform sizes are 10”x 10”, 12”x 12”, 18”x 18” and 24”x 24” as well as many others and custom sizes available. We can provide bench scales with outputs to PC’s, printers, Ethernet networks, special application features or very simple stand-alone models for the most basic weighing applications. We stock the Ohaus Defender models because of its durability, simple operation and inexpensive price in 60lb, 150lb, 300lb and 600lb capacities with 3 platform sizes of 12”x 14”, 21.7”x 16.5” and 25.6”x 19.7”. One note, if you are going to put a bench scale on the floor, please expect it to be stood on at some point and allow a 200lb capacity or greater.


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