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25.3 truck scale
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Truck Scales

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  • We install truck scales from 10’ to 140’, we can provide any length you need.
  • Styles: both mechanical and electronic.
  • Multi-platform highway systems.
  • Offer a full assortment of accessories.

Product Description

We sell Cardinal Scale’s truck scales to meet every type of application needed. We can provide truck scales from 10’ long to whatever length you need, we have put in several 140’ as well as multi-platform Highway systems to catch every set of axles independently. We can: provide a variety of styles: full mechanical lever system, portable mechanical contractor scale, and the most popular above ground fully electronic EPR style (15.5” tall) any length you need in either 30 or 45 ton CLC (Concentrated Load Capacity), portable electronic vehicle scales, and our fully hydraulic Guardian truck scale. We offer a full assortment of accessories like guard railing, remote scoreboards, unattended systems, vehicle management systems to help track your trucks and products.


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